Friday, May 27, 2011

Allons travailler

Yes, yes, I know, for as long as it's been in currency, the word 'blogger' has lived in approximately the same neighbourhood of my lexicon as 'douchebag': a designation slightly on the wetter side of 'wanker', and lacking the self-esteem or the strength of character - the amour-propre - to be a 'twat'. I'm perfectly aware, thank you, of what this looks like, and what it means. What it suggests. What it entails. All I say to you is, I have a blog now. I'm into blogging. I am a blogger. I blog.

Not that this is going to turn into some pathetic outlet for my neuroses, whereby I update you all five times a day on how I'm 'hanging in there'. On the contrary, I don't intend for this to be about me at all. Instead it will be in part a mock-column, in which any of you who may be interested will find my opinions on notable developments in religious and political affairs, and in part an archive of some at least semi-serious writing I've previously put together that has failed to find publication (i.e., so far, all of it).

To that end, then, I begin with a 1,300-word piece that would seem to meet both of these descriptions at once.

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