Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Putin, 'resistance' kingpin, snubs Assad to visit Israel

[Originally posted at NOW Lebanon]

In a story that I wager will not make the Syrian state press, Russian President Vladimir Putin – whose watertight loyalty to his ally Bashar al-Assad has been hailed by ‘resistance’ types as a mark of his unshakeable anti-imperialist grit and courage – is set to travel to Israel next week, where among other things he will be opening a World War II memorial in the city of Netanya. He will also be travelling to the West Bank (to meet Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas, arch-foe of ‘resistance axis’ heavyweight Hamas), and to Jordan (one of only two Arab countries to have made peace with Israel).

Sadly for his protégé Bashar, Putin doesn’t seem to have made time for a stopover in Damascus.

What I look forward to is seeing how this gets contorted to fit the ‘resistance’ party line. As it stands, you will recall, the noble Syrian Baathists are being attacked by ‘terrorists’ who take their orders from Tel Aviv (perhaps occasionally via Riyadh and/or Washington: a distinction without a difference). As against these beasts, Assad stands alone but for benevolent Putin, who happens to have increasingly warm relations with… Tel Aviv.

So wait, who are we resisting again?

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