Thursday, March 13, 2014

[Infograph] Tracking Lebanon's bomb suspects

[Originally posted at NOW, with accompanying infograph]

As a complement to the infograph illustrating the series of vehicle explosions to have struck Lebanon since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, NOW turns below to profiling the key individuals suspected of involvement.

To date, suspects have been identified by Lebanese officials for nine of the eighteen vehicle explosions, from the 9 July, 2013, Bir al-Abed car bomb to the 19 February, 2014, suicide bombings of the Iranian Cultural Chancellery. They range from Lebanese and Palestinian followers of fugitive Sidon cleric Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir to Syrian intelligence operatives and their local proxies to internationally-wanted Saudi jihadists.

Of the remaining nine attacks for whom no individual suspects have been named, four have been claimed by Islamist groups, and five – including the assassinations of police intelligence chief Wissam al-Hassan and former minister Muhammad Shatah – have not been claimed by anyone.

The list may not be comprehensive, and covers only those accused of involvement in specific vehicle explosion attacks. It does not, therefore, include individuals arrested on generic charges of "terror" or of merely belonging to militant factions. There is a degree of overlap between the groups – both the Abbas-Atrash ring and the Iranian embassy team, for example, include Abdallah Azzam Brigades members.

As with the infograph, the list will be updated when new data emerge.

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